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About Sisters Inspiring Sisters

Sisters Inspiring Sisters virtual summit consist of a powerhouse line up of dynamic Black Women BOSSES!


Professionals, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Businesswomen, Authors, Coaches and Leaders who will share their experiences, expertise, resources and strategies to empower women of color to move forward in career, life and business focusing on the areas of Self-Love, Manifestation, and Abundance.


Presented by, Founder and CEO, Monique Denton-Davis of  Embrace Your CAKE, LLC who believes that we as black women will no longer fight for a seat at the table, we want our names on the door!  We will network, share resources, empower, educate and motivate each other. We don't need someone else to tell our stories, we can write them, package them, publish them and market them ourselves.


Monique believes the first steps to true empowerment for Black Women are through Self-Love, Manifestation, and Abundance.

Sisters Inspiring Sisters
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Self-Love represents a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. Self-Love means having high regard for your own well-being, happiness  and needs without sacrificing to others.




Manifestation represents visualizing and affirming yourself in the reality that you want to live in. It consist of your energy, your thoughts, your environment, your dreams and your mindset. Manifestation requires you to do more than write the vision. It requires you to see and become the vision. 




Abundance represents empowering women to position themselves for overflow. This can be financially, spiritually and physically. How do we create abundance? How do we manifest abundance? How has it worked for you? 


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Meet Our Keynote Speakers
Self-Love | Manifestation | Abundance



Want to be a Speaker/Author?

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