Sisters Inspire Sisters Network

One Thousand Diverse Women Empowering One Million Globally

We are not just a community or tribe, we are a sisterhood

A sisterhood of Diverse Women for Diverse Women using a holistic approach through sisterhood to empower, inspire, educate, network and create opportunities for one another.

Focusing in 5 areas:

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Benefits of the SIS Network Sisterhood

$97 monthly Value

You pay Only $47/month!

  • Monthly virtual membership meeting

  • Free VIP upgrade on all SIS events

  • Serve on one of the SIS committees 

  • Monthly coaching sessions, training or workshops in one of the five focus areas (faith, leadership, wealth, entrepreneurship, wellness

  • Become a SIS Network leader

  • Networking 

  • Opportunity to Co-Host or be a Guest Speaker on  SIS Table Talk 

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